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Awesomebar History Issues (mac)

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I have searched everywhere for answers to this problem but so far no luck. I cannot erase certain website history from awesomebar. I have cleared my history entirely, cleared out my bookmarks and everything, but still a remainder of website addresses are stored and cannot be removed. I dont mind my recent history being displayed or my bookmarks, but i dont want any website history to show once i have erased it, and this is the issue. I cleared the bookmarks to see if it was the problem but it is not. With zero history and zero bookmarks, i type and "xxxrudethings.blah" will still pop up nomatter what. The only semi answer i found was to highlight the link and press SHIFT - DELETE, but this does not get rid of them. The only other answer is to simply hide them from showing up. But i want them removed!

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A clean Firefox profile would certainly remove your undesired data http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_Manager

Please come back to us if more issues appear along the way.

Kind Regards, Vlad M (irc: vladmaniac)

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Problems with bookmarks and history not working properly can be caused by a corrupted places.sqlite database file.

You can try to check and repair the places database with this extension:

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When I reinstall firefox it bring back my old bookmarks, but along with it it brings back the website address's in the awesome bar that i cant get rid of. The ones that are not part of my bookmarks. All other history and cache is cleared other then these few. It seems there is one stored for each letter of the alphabet

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Downloaded and ran the maintenance tool but the address's are still appearing. I am wondering as I'm on a mac i may have to uninstall and then manually remove all remaining data in application support folder.