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When select for PDF reader to use automatically to open PDF files I still get the window every time I want to download a PDF file. How to prevent stopping this.

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Even when I highlighted in a seperate window that I want PDF open automatically with the PDF reader I always get this confirmation window to choose from. Is there a way to stop getting this confirmation window ? To perform a test I had with IE browser that by default selected PDF reader it does not ask me each time which option to choose from.

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Could you indicate what you have selected here:

orange Firefox button or classic Tools menu > Options > Applications

In the search box, type pdf and wait for the list to be filtered. On the right side, what do you have selected in the drop-downs? Do any of them behave the way you want?

If the problem only occurs on certain sites, it's possible that the site sending a generic content-type header rather than a pdf-specific content-type header. Firefox doesn't look at the file extension to decide which program to use in that case, it simply lets you choose.