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I want a new tab to open in my homepage.

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I've spent over 2 hours trying to get this to happen. Add-ons didn't work with 13.0.1. My config list wasn't the same as the one in the forum that suggested a change. I read that 14.0.1 was supposed to make it possible--did it? The tabs page in tools/options looks the same, and the default is blank page. After seeing so many people writing about the same thing, it's hard to believe that the Foxfire folks find this such a challenge.

Nonetheless, can anyone help?


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The New Tab page is a new Firefox feature and may be developed further in the future. For the time being, getting your home page to open when clicking the "+" icon (Open a New Tab), the process is a manual one.

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Not related to your question, but...

You may need to update some plug-ins. Check your plug-ins and update as necessary: