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Missing fonts in Java

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Reformated my XP SP3 computer and loaded Firefox 13.0.1 and Java from Oracle.

When I open any pages that have javascripted close X's on them I receive a square box with 27 over 16 in it instead of the X.

On one site the code reads: font-family: "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,Verdana,sans-serif; <a href="javascript:return void(0);">✖</a>

(Not sure if that will show up at your end as a little box - or - a little box with the 27 and 16 in it).

I checked http://browserspy.dk and got a list of 45 fonts on Fonts Information - Detected via Flash (http://browserspy.dk/fonts-flash.php) but only 36 on Fonts Information - Detected via Java (http://browserspy.dk/fonts-java.php)

Helvetica is missing from both lists.

These fonts are showing up on the Java page but not the Flash page. Dialog DialogInput Lucida Sans Monospaced SansSerif Serif

These fonts are showing up on the Flash page but not the Java page. Arial Baltic Arial CE Arial CYR Arial Greek Arial TUR Courier New Baltic Courier New CE Courier New CYR Courier New Greek Courier New TUR Times New Roman Baltic Times New Roman CE Times New Roman CYR Times New Roman Greek Times New Roman TUR

Really not sure what to do about this.

Is there someway I can get Flash/Java to recognise these fonts?

Thank You

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You can install the Symbola font via this website:

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That is an Unicode symbol &#x2716;

If you see the hex code instead of the character then Firefox wasn't able to find a (dingbat) font that handles this character.

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Thanks cor-el. That page just shows a whole heap of hex codes.

How would one go about fixing this?

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You can install the Symbola font via this website:

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Thank you for your help cor-el !