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Clicked button: PopUp "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs" . Can't see webpage now. I can see with other browswers. I have cleaned the cache,.

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I was viewing the webpage: seeingwithlens.com (my website). I wanted to test the disabled "right-click" feature. When I "right-clicked" the image 2 times, this dialog box (check) appeared which said: "prevent this page from creating additional dialogs". I am a novice webpage person, and wanted to understand what would happen if I clicked it. I did click it, and now the images that were in the center of the webpage (flash changer) are no longer appearing. I cleared the cache, I uninstalled, reinstalled firefox. The problem persists. This seems to be a Firefox-specific problem as my webpage functions normally when using other browsers. I need your help in correcting this, and I can assure you that my cache is clean. That is not the problem. Additionally, I need to know how to prevent this problem from recurring. Thanks.

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The prevent this page from creating additional dialogs dialog seems to reset and come back as new on every visit. So it doesn't seem to have a permanent setting.

Please check if this happens in a new profile. If the new profile is okay, you can then Reset Firefox on the old (previous) profile via Help (Alt + H) > Troubleshooting Information.

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Hi, Thanks for your response. I created a new profile, and the new profile has the same problem as the old one. The images are no longer available as they behave like dialogs (xml changing the image in a slide-show fashion). Still not sure how to correct since the presentation of the website is fine on IE and via my IPad browser.

Any more suggestions?

Kind Regards, Carolyn