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When i open a new tab, how do i change what's on the "new tab page"??

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The blank page think has gone, there is now these saved tab things, 9 squares for tabs you click and goes straight to the site. I currently have 3 tabs i like already pinned. But there's still a couple i want, how do i choose what i want? They go in the blank rectangles/squares. I have got a screenshot for you so you can see what i mean if you don't understand what i'm talking about :) http://i46.tinypic.com/24fba5v.jpg

Thank you.

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at the moment the new "new-tab" page is showing previews of the 9 most visited webpages (or the ones you've pinned) - i don't think you can add custom pages as of yet...

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Gutted, i have accidently predded the X on the ones i wanted to pin, i can't get them back. I guess i will have to wait for Mozilla to fix this problem :) Thank you anyway.

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Since this is a new feature in Firefox 13, it's not so well documented yet. You can see the "test plan" and requests for enhancements that are already set up in the bug tracking system here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Features/New_Tab_Page/Test_Plan

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You can change the order of the boxes on the about:newtab page and drag them to a different position to pin them to that position or you can remove them by clicking the close X of an item to block them.

Those changes are stored in the chromeappsstore.sqlite file in the Firefox Profile Folder under the pinnedLinks key and blockedLinks key.

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It is not actually a problem to be fixed. I personally have no use for the feature, but have done a bit of research on the New Tab Page project.

The New Tab Page is currently scheduled in 3 phases. Phase 1 is what you currently see in Firefox 13 -- a static display of the 9 most visited pages. As you visit pages, you should see those slots fill in (that is my guess as I have not taken the time to "play" with it). You can not currently arrange/re-arrange (cor-el says you can, and that may be correct) or add to the thumbnails shown. Later phases of the project may allow you to arrange/re-arrange, add sites, place captions for the thumbnails, lock sites on the page, etc. There is currently no announced timing for the other features/options for the New Tab Page, you will just need to wait to see what develops as the project progresses.

See --> https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Features/New_Tab_Page

A currently available add-on for Firefox 12 is Speed Dial that has more functionality at this time. You could experience problems with the add-on trying to use it in Firefox 13b1 You can try it if you want then un-install it if it does not work.

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bookmark the page you want your toolbar then open new tab and click and drag the page you want from the toolbar to a slot

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