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icon missing in address bar & tab & some bookmarks

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After updating to ver 10.0.2 icon's are missing in address bar & tab & some bookmarks.

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Could you provide a screenshot to illustrate what you mean? Also, the latest version of Firefox is 11, so you could also try to upgrade do that first.

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Thursday, March 08, 2012 HI djst Updated to 11 this morning no change. Thanks for getting back to me this is a little screwy. I’ve attached 3 screen shots. #1-No icon shows up in the address or tab even though it shows on the favorite bar.#2&3 same thing except it shows in bookmarks & again not in the address or tab. This all started when I upgraded to 10, everything was fine in 7. What’s really strange is it screwed up IE8 also. Think I just messed this up you may get this reply twice.

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Did you try to restore the missing favicons with the CheckPlaces extension?

Try some maintenance on the places.sqlite database file:

If you can't restore the favicons then reset (delete) the places.sqlite database file.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hi cor-el

In response to your last email .

cor-el wrote: "Did you try to restore the missing favicons with the CheckPlaces extension?

Yes- it restored about 90% of the bookmark favicons but did nothing for the address bar or tab. Some of the blank bookmarks are still good links but no icon & some are dead. There are over 1100.

Try some maintenance on the places.sqlite database file:

  • Places Maintenance

Yes-Installed it and ran it – no change

If you can't restore the favicons then reset (delete) the places.sqlite database file.

I have 9 partitions on a 1t HD. The “C” is dedicated to the OS only & in this case it’s XP w/sp3 & software that is used for or by the OS. It’s relatively small, 15gb, & is backed up weekly (only 8 min). All data usually on the “C” has been moved to the “I”(office) drive this includes, my docs,email, ie8 favorites, etc. I went back to Jan & copied over places.sqlite . All bookmarks were blank again !!

I updated to Firefox 11 & no change. I installed Google “CHROME” & imported bookmarks. All blank, no change . Don’t like chrome !

When this first started I reinstalled a “C” bu made in Jan. This had Firefox ver. 7 or 8 & I wound up with the same problem in both IE8 & Firefox. This is what’s so strange about this problem. When something like this comes up usually going back to a earlier version solves the problem but not this time. Another weird one is that some web pages will show a icon in the address bar but when you bookmark it there’s no icon ?!?!?!. SEE PICS.

Thank you for your help VEED68

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Be aware that not all website have a favicon, so if you do not see one on the location bar and also no favicon on the Tools > Page Info > Media tab, then you have to assign a favicon yourself.

Build-in pages like the about:addons and the about:config page do not have a favicon and thus show the default empty square favicon instead.

  • chrome://mozapps/skin/places/defaultFavicon.png
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Sunday, March 18, 2012 Hi cor-el Their back!!! Well at least most of them. I’ve been working with pc’s a long time, since the late 60’s, & I must say this has been a real challenge which I still don’t fully understand. As I was trouble shooting this icon problem I recovered “places.sqlite” from a earlier bu, FEB 2012, but it made no change. I then realized that this file may been the updated V10 file so I went back to JAN. 2012 & put the whole folder zvjh4wt1.default in. Same problem only now all the bookmarks were blank. Now for the really bizarre part. !!!!!!!! I removed the JAN folder & put the original V11 back & they are. Icons now appear in the address bar & tab. I still have about 10% of the bookmarks blank, some are good links others are dead but the good ones still won’t show a icon anywhere. There is something corrupt in this program & there since is no way to separate the data from the program file I think I’m going to uninstall it, clean out the reg. & reinstall on the “I” drive so that a “C” reload can’t overwrite the data. Just read your reply. Every icon/ favicons in V7 (8?) was working in the bookmark, address bar & tab in both IE8 & Firefox. This all started when I updated to 10. What I don’t understand is why IE & CHROME (I imported from both) were affected since their data is in a different folder ??? see pics THANKS VEED68

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Well, thats just too deep for me to do. However, I did end up just opening every bookmark I had saved, and closing them. For some reason, it reset MOST of the favicons. However, there are still about 25% of them that never came back. Not even sure where they went or how they left to begin with. Thats the easiest way to fix it. I think ;)

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Sunday, April 15, 2012 HI Halofromsue Just a little history. Was doing a search about 2wks ago (good search - a charity search eng.) & clicked on a side link & it completely wiped out my computer. Came up as multiple system disk write errors & then came up with everything failing ,ram,hd,virises etc. & told me my key was expired ???? At that point I pulled the internet plug (USB) & shut down everything. Upon reboot I got the same thing & it would not boot to XP. I do weekly back ups so I attempted to reload to a older back & ran it a strange problem because none of my back ups were showing in the recovery tree. At this point your running off of a recovery cd &I was able to find them & reloaded the “C” partition & got everything up & running in a short time, but these SOB were really nasty. When I went to look at my other data,9 partitions, were blank !! They went & changed the attribute’s for every file to “HIDDEN”. They could just as easily wiped out everything !! I’m telling about this because after this happened I uninstalled Firefox & installed Chrome which is a “Sandbox” browser that runs scripts inside a “virtual” environment. Chrome gave the same trouble with the favicons & I’ve tried several addon’s & utilitys but none of them worked. Opening every link,there are over 1000, is time consuming but I’ve managed to get about 75% of them to show. Before upgradeing to 10 all favicons were showing in all browsers !!!! Something was change in the OS when Firefox 10 was installed since 3 browsers now have the same problem, IE8, Firefox, & now Chrome & all three keep their data in different places. Thank’s Veed

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I have updated to 14.0.1 and still do not have icons on address bar. Most of my bookmarks have lost their icons also.

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That is a deliberate change.

You no longer see the website's favicon on the location bar, but you now see an icon that indicates what kind of connection you have.

If you click the icon then with a normal unencrypted HTTP connection you see:

  • This website does not supply identity information.
  • Your connection to this website is not encrypted.

Only an encrypted HTTPS connection can provide additional information.

The change is for security reasons to prevent websites from spoofing the favicon as a padlock icon or other indication of a secure site.

See laos:

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Thank you Co-rel. I understand the reasoning now.

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You're welcome