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Upgrade to Firefox 9.0.1 - Lost or Stolen Folders, Folder Locations Changed, Font Size for Aging Eyes

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How does one change the font size for folders and/or file lists in the Bookmarks Library?

Since the upgrade to version 9.0.1 of Firefox, the Bookmarks feature changes are confusing me. They seem to be confusing themselves as well. The list of bookmarks has changed. The font size is so small that my aging eyes cannot read it without fogging the screen with my breath. Some folders are out of alphabetical order (where I know they were previously good), and some are missing altogether (folders to which I frequently add references).

As for missing or deranged files or folders, was there something that I should have done or now need to do to recover those after the upgrade (or before)?

With regard to font size, 1. there is no “Edit Bookmarks” or like option to edit the list in this version 2. the “zoom” option in the “view” list of functions is greyed out when in “Show All Bookmarks” window 3. expanding the browser window has no effect on font size 4. “Preferences” settings for font size has no effect in that window either, including advanced settings 5. “Help” offers none that I can find.

Can any of you Help?!?