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Can I have a "New Tab" ( the plus sign on the Tabs Toolbar) open up my Default Hone Page Automatically?

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The Top of this screen reads "Ask a Question | Firefox help "File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools Help" "Ask a Question | Firefox Help |+| ( the "+" is in a grey square)

When I click on the |+| sign in its grey square, it Opens up a New Tab, good, and Invites me to complete a web address, or to select from Web Address Favourites Toolbar.

What I would really Prefer is for it to Open up a New Page of my Default Home Page.

Is this Possible and as the default option in opening up a new tab. Given that this |+| tab is not used when opening a new page from the Website favourites, and is also not used when opening a new page from an existingly open webpage, then What is its purpose if not to open a new Occurrence of the Home Page??

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You can middle-click or CTRL + left-click the Home button on the Navigation toolbar to open the Home page in a new tab.

You can also Open New Tabs with your Favorite Pages using this add-on -> NewTabURL 2.2.3

Check and tell if its working.