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What happened to Firefox and why does it suck now?

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It used to be the best web browser, until one day it starting freezing, crashing, taking forever to do everything. In the time it's taken me to load my school's system which only works on Firefox, I've had the time to google your contacts on Google Chrome, find out that you don't offer phone support (also a big minus) and write all of this as the site crashed and would not show images. Good day to you sir.

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Wow, what a helpful solution! I now feel a renewed sense of faith in Firefox and its willingness to read my actual question instead of giving me a customer-service script of information.

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Also, how can I clear Firefox's cache and all that if Firefox won't work!!

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Firefox began misbehaving for my windows vista beginning 5 years ago. I've stuck with it all along, just reloading the pages, restarting my machine, etc. etc. It crashes out, it's incredibly slow, it constantly updates, it doesn't switch tabs, and generally freezes upon loading a link, showing either a scattered youtube video or pdf. It's beyond broken, and has been for a long, long time. I've stuck with it until today, in which I waited for it to respond for over 15 minutes for a new tab, then another 20 for that tab to load my search results. It didn't ever successfully open the link, so I looked it up in IE instead. The link was to install Google Chrome, and trust me, I'm no fan of the giant Google monster. But I digress. Goodbye forever Firefox.