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What automatically changes a cookie setting from Allow to Block?

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I can get into SalesForce ok, but when I click on the Help and Training tab it asks me to log in again. And it denies me. For some reason the permission for the cookie is blocked. I go in and change to Allow on the web page and also in the Mozilla Permissions Manager. Then I can click on the tab and get it. But if I go back to the Permissions Manager, it is blocked. If I click on anything on the web page, it requires a log in again, which also fails. The web page permission is also reset to block. I am using a MacBook Pro, if that matters.

Even when I reset the permissions on both the web page and the FireFox Permissions Manager to allow, it seems the next click triggers a change to block.

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Rename the file "permissions.sqlite" to permissions.sqlite.sav in the Firefox Profile Folder in case the file is corrupted.

  • Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Open Containing Folder

This will remove all exceptions (cookies, images, pop-ups, software).
If renaming didn't help then you can undo and rename the file permissions.sqlite.sav to permissions.sqlite to get back the old exceptions.

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Thanks for the tip. Did not work. I thought it fixed itself when I updated Adobe Flash to 10.3.r183. After the update SalesForce Help and Training worked for several hours. Then it reverted back so it must have been coincidental.

SalesForce support is scratching its head. They also see the problem when they mimic my environment (MacPro and FireFox) but have no solutions to-date.

Thanks again.

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This is what I was told by SalesForce Support.

This is a problem related only to Salesforce.com and Firefox 7. Firefox 7 has a Java implementation that is not standard at this point. The SalesForce Research Staff is working with Firefox / Java to develop an integration with Salesforce to resolve this issue. Once done Salesforce will run a maintenance fix.