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Version 3.6.22 has moved the Reload and Stop buttons.

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Firefox has recently updated itself to V 3.6.22 and now the Stop and Reload buttons have moved from the left of the URL box to the right. Is it possible to move them back to where they used to be?

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D'oh!!! Thanks. I was just trying to drag and drop them. Forgot I had to have the Customize Toolbar window open to make it happen.

Bit of a pain though that the update interfered with the existing configuration.

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That almost sounds that you had a Firefox 6 (or another 4+) version installed or used with that profile folder.

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That explains it. I installed V6 and it crapped out on my system so I uninstalled it and reverted to V3.6 which I knew worked well. I had thought the buttons didn't move until the update was loaded but maybe it happened on the re-install and I just didn't notice straight away (the update came in pretty quickly).