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Can I get live help?

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I have been using Firefox 6 for the last couple of months yet when I tried to log into my Hotmail account, it keeps telling me that my password is incorrect. But when I try and reset, it keeps sending me on a wild goose chase and I still cannot reset it. How in the WORLD can I get my silly hotmail password? It goes straight to my account when I use Internet Explorer, but I hate the explorer 9 version!

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As you have been running Firefox 6 for a couple of months, are you currently running the Beta version or have you recently updated to the full release of Firefox 6 which occured August 16, 2011?

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I have news for you, it was NOT just done 3 days ago but weeks ago. I have constantly experienced problems and even after I have tried over and over and over to get help, they have YET to assist me.

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I am a live help contributor as well, however live chat help is not available until 10am Pacific today.

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You will find the hours of live chat at the bottom page

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If you were using version 6 previous to 3 days ago it was the beta version, rather than the final release product which was released August 16th. Try clearing your saved passwords/usernames & cache.

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I am not quite sure what you mean by firefox or hotmail sending you on a wild goose chase. Maybe if you provided further details I could get more specific.