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I just upgraded to 6.0 and links that want to open in a new window do not work. Right click and selecting open in new window does work.

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Similarly clicking a link in email does not open a window. I can drag the link to Firefox and a new tab opens.

Also clicking Tools -> Add-ons does not open a tab as it used to.

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mha007, Thank you. I walked through your suggested solutions and finally disabled all add-ons and restarted them one by one. The culprit seems to be ViewSourceWith 0.8.11. Interestingly when it is enabled I had to go to TaskManager to force Firefox to quit.

Maybe this information will help others. I don't know if the cache clearing etc helped but I would suggest that others start but Bringing up Firefox in Safe Mode (hold shift when you select the icon), disable all add-ons and then start them one by one.

Of course if you have ViewSourceWith maybe you should just disable it first rather than go through the tedium of restarting each add-on separately. To get to the add-ons when it won't open from the toolbar type about:addons in the address area.

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Glad to hear it

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Tony526 - thank you for the safe mode restart and turning on my ad ons one at a time - it worked great and that was the only thing i had to do - much appreciated :D