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How do I open a new FireFox browser window to the home page and url filled?

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win 7 64-bit, firefox 5 open new window no url. When I have firefox open and open a new browser window, the new window does not open on the home page and no url is present in the address field. If I click on the favicon in the address field, the url of the current page will automatically fill in. The forward and backward arrow buttons remain disabled. In addition, links opened in a new window cause a new browser window to open, but the linked to website is not displayed in the new windows. What is displayed is a new window completely blank with no url in the address bar. I tried to include troubleshooting information by clicking on the copy to clipboard, but apparently the character count was exceeded.

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I disabled all plug-ins and extensions. the problem has been resolved. Now I will enable each one individually to find out which one was the offender.