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Problem with "Back" Button in pages loaded from Google search results

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I am using Windows XP Home 32bit and Mozilla Firefox Ver 5.0 I do a search using Google and I go to page 3 of the returned queries (links) and then go to one of the sites from the search results. When I hit the return button while in the site chosen from the search results, instead of returning to page 3, it always returns to page 1 of the search results. This happens on any page ie I go to page 22 and use a link then hit return button it still returns to page 1.

Only started happening in past couple of days and it's very annoying. I have not updated Firefox or added any new extensions/add-ons. i have cleared cookies, uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox and issue still appears.

I have Google Chrome and IE and tried the same query in both and it works as it should work, ie returns to the correct page, so my conclusion is that it may be a Firefox Ver 5 issue.