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Forward and back buttons

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What happened to the menus attached to the forward and back buttons-like IE has? I can't choose where I want to go. And WORSE, I quite often get some message saying something must resend and I'm stuck on the same page forever. If the buttons aren't going to work-why have them? AND WHY NOT GIVE ME A MENU TO CHOOSE WHICH PAGE TO GO BACK TO. IE PROVIDES THIS FEATURE-WHY DON'T YOU? IF I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO GO WHERE I WANT THEN I'M GOING BACK TO IE.

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You want me to reply to my own message?

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And reply again? This is ridiculous.

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The arrow to open the tab history of the Back and Forward buttons has been removed in Firefox 4 and later.

Use one of these methods to open the tab history list:

  • Right click on the Back or Forward button
  • Hold down the left mouse button on the enabled Back or Forward button until the list opens

You can look at this extension: