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Why is firefox so massively aggressive about me updating? To the point that I can't even give you feedback unless I do?

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I get little boxes on the bottom of my screen 3-4 times a day, and a popup box every few hours as well. I understand you want everyone to go to Firefox 5, but at this point one of the items I use online most often (a part of Real Player) is not compatible with that version, so I am not about to upgrade. The upgrade screen even tells me that it is not compatible, so it is not like this is unknown. I've had at least 30-40 reminders...why not put a button or something so that I can say "not now, don't remind me again". I personally find this level of aggressive behavior by Firefox to be somewhat off-putting, enough so that I am seriously considering going to another browser.

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Firefox 4.0 is not supported now. You're missing two important security updates, 4.0.1 and 5.0. Mozilla takes the "security" of its' users seriously, more so that the average user does for his/her own security.

Real is notorious for lagging behind Firefox updates, you should consider installing a different add-on from a developer that keeps their product up-to-date as Mozilla releases new versions of Firefox. Otherwise, you're going to have this problem every couple of months.

As far as using a different browser, go for it! We'll keep the light on.

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I understand that Firefox 5.0 is better, but I am heavily using the Real Player format, so it is my choice not to update now. I have had this happen before, and I do update when Real Player will work with the new version--and not before. II have never had, however, the barrage of popups urging me to update Firefox NOW. Does that mean that I am going to have popup boxes every hour and a half or so for the next couple months? Honestly, that's a real drag...why can't I disable those notices until I am ready to do the update?

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Is there no end to these reminders? Can't they be turned off? I have probably been "reminded" 500 times now...is that the user-friendly Firefox that we have all enjoyed?