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What happened to my pinned tab icons?

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Hello FF team,

  I am running FF 4.01 on an iMac using OSX 10.6.7 in 64-bit mode.
 I haven't installed any new plugins in quite some time.
 This morning I notice that when I am in a pinned tab and click a link in my gMail then switch back to my gMail tab; that this tab takes on the view in the window I just opened by the link in gMail.  Even though the pinned tab AND address bar are showing the icon for gMail, the view in that pinned tab is the same as whatever is in the next tab; for example iGoogle.  Which has an icon different from gMail.  
 Thus, until I close the tab that I opened thru my email, I cannot use my gMail.  And no amount of Back arrow clicking or Reloading can bring it back until I close that new tab.  THEN the pinned tab reverts back to gMail.  Very odd!
 Ideas?  Suggestions?   - Rob