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I don't like firefox 5, can i get firefox 4 back

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I don't like fire fox 5 because it is not compatible with google toolbar. Can I uninstall 5 and reinstall 4...google toolbar is this important to me. And tell me why you got rid of the google toolbar. If I cannot get my google toolbar back, I will use IE again. Robert Dunn

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It is up to Google to keep that add-on compatible with new versions of Firefox as they are released. It looks like Google is asleep or they are just want to irritate Firefox users for a few days to try to get more Firefox users to switch to Google Chrome.

The GTB 7.1.20110512W version works in Firefox 5.0 by using the Compatibility Reporter extension, I tried it myself due to the large number of postings about the GTB this morning.

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Thanks for the answer to my problem with google toolbar...it occured to me that it might be google's fault and you have confirmed my suspicions. We need to contact google if that is possible. Again Thank you.