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All my custom toolbars disappeared with the 5.0 upgrade, can I go back to 4.0 so I can get them back?

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I had toolbars for Zynga and Inbox Dollars. These give me direct feeds for my accounts and I really want them back. Do I have to go back to the previous version and wait until they are compatible with Firefox? I love Firefox!

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So Zynga was working on 4.0, I guess I misread someone else's question, but if that is the case:

You don't have to wait for extension writers or in the case between 4.0 and 5.0 for Mozilla to up the maxVersion. There is the "Add-on Compatibility Reporter " extension or you can modify your about:config


There should be no extensions that worked in 4.0 that don't work in 5.0

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Went to the link, it is in technospeak and I am not understanding what I should do.

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