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When I open FF I get 1 XP window and multiple Win7 type windows. Why?

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Ever since I switched to FF 4 and now in FF 5, when I open FF I will get 1 window in the WinXP format (no orange button) and multiple windows in Win7 format (with orange button). When FF crashes, I get the apologetic "couldn't restore these" window and it lists multiple empty windows. After I delete them from the restore window and restore my XP window everything works fine. Once I start accessing sites that use "kill windows" such as banks and brokerages, the windows start reappearing again. Can you fix this?

By the way the text in drop down boxes is vibrating in FF4 and FF5. Can you fix this too?

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Please see "How do I get the orange Firefox button?" at Common questions after upgrading from Firefox 3.6 that should explain why the button shows sometimes and sometimes not.

Please explain a bit more on what do you mean "kill windows" and "the text in drop down boxes is vibrating", perhaps you can record a video of the problems using www.techsmith.com/jing/

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1. I know how to get the orange button, that is not the issue. I am interested in eliminating the problem of having 20 or more windows opening whenever I start FF. By the way the "kill windows" predated FF4, but the multiple window problem started with FF4. I am running FF 3.x.x on another computer without this problem.

2. It seems that some major banks and brokerages open a "kill window" when logging out of their site. The term "kill window" is what appears in the blue band at the top of the window. The window contains no other information.

3. When I say the text is vibrating, I mean that it is jumping up and down vertically. This does not prevent making a selection, but it is annoying.