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Firefox is being inconsistant or selective of which pages it will bookmark or not

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Not quite sure what happened. Went through some of the troubleshooting tips. No extension or add on problems I can see. Started our bookmark folders from scratch and it accepted some and not others. Not a Mac OS problem. System is not overtaxed. Everything is fine on other browsers.

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In what way does it "not accept" a bookmark?

1. click on "Bookmarks" 2. See: DROPDOWN 3. click on "Bookmark this page" 4. See: "Edit this bookmark" & put bookmark where you want it i.e. "toolbar" "Menu" or "Unsorted" etc. Then type in Tags if you want. 5. click on "DONE." What happens when you do the above?

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Perhaps try Profile Manager - Create, remove, or switch Firefox profiles, 2 check whether it's really not extension / add-on related?..:)

ps. Dunno if Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode can save bookmarks. :$

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When you click on bookmark it does not register at all. Does not show up in the pull down list or in the window to edit or manage it. Again. It does not do this to all sites. Some that it will not bookmark now were done in the past.

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Will try and get into the profile manager first thing tomorrow. Thanks.