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NoSquint useless half of the time

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Ever since I downloaded the new and "improved" version of Firefox 4, my web pages and their content display in tiny font.

I never had this problem with the older version of Firefox and I didn't need a plugin. It's pretty frustrating when so-called "improvements" end up making things worse and the solution doesn't seem to be of much help.

Anyways, I've browsed these forums and found out that you now have to install a plugin or add-on or whatever they're called to permanently zoom all web pages to the desired level of zoom. Well, I installed NoSquint and it only works half of the time.

I set the Global Settings to 120% of full page zoom level and 105% of font zoom level. When I go to my homepage - Yahoo - it shows up in the correct size the way I wanted it. But then I log into my email account and everything is tiny again. I look down on the add-on bar and the magnifying glass shows the page at 100%. Then I click on the magnifying glass and the page changes to 120% like I had it set in the Global Settings. This happens with other pages as well.

What's the point of a "Global Setting" if I have to manually click on the stupid magnifying glass just to get the page to display properly? As you can tell by my writing, I'm frustrated. I want the old, common sense, easy-to-use Mozilla back.