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Firefox 4 crashing after 15 min to 2 hours

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Ever since I upgraded to Firefox 4.01, it is like constantly crashing. Since upgrading in the last week, I have 35+ crash reports in about:crashes and none of them show crash signature, as shown on the web page in the crash id section when filling out this report.

I've tried to find a volunteer online during live chat this week but seems no one is there during the times listed. Tried Monday, Tues and yep, today - nada! :(

I've checked the various articles about Firefox 4 and the crashes. I have verified my graphics driver (Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family) is up to date. And have very minimal add-ons (as in almost none!) to the best of my knowledge.

Here are a sample of some of the crash reports to see/find the issue : (will list 3 of the 35+ for a sample)





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Quick question to confirm something.

We have 2 accounts on my Vista PC. On my wife's account, when she uses Firefox, there is no pop up for asking which profile to use vs mine.

Thus I gather for Firefox purposes, it has profiles for each Vista user (i.e xxx\firefox\profile\user1 and ..\user2 (for simplicity purpose here for the question - probably not stating the directory correctly)??

Just want to make sure before I do all this backup and move to the other profile, etc etc.

And in regards to the 2 profiles for me, if I read you correctly from your post(s), I should NOT use the delete button for deleting the old profile in the pop up window for choosing which profile to use at Firefox start up? If that is correct, what is the BEST/CORRECT method for deleting the bad profile? Doing steps on how to do it (knowing of course each computer set up is different for users, etc etc - but I can usually follow the gist if you have to use a user name like "user1").


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I use XP not vista. Windows does tend to use a smoke and mirrors approach with multiple accounts and creates new users accounts from default settings which can themselves be changed, so it can all get a bit complicated with for instance what is and is not shared in something like a my documents folder/directory.

Anyway the answer is definitely yes, if Firefox is installed for use with separate OS user accounts each of those user accounts has its own separate Firefox profile, and Firefox shortcuts.

There is a dead simple method to find the profile folder, simply open Firefox in the relevant OS user account, then

  • Firefox button -> Help -> Troubleshooting Information | Profile [open containing folder]
    your standard Windows Explorer will be able to display the file path.

As for the backup of bookmarks you can do that anytime, the sooner the better, then on a regular basis, I think I gave a link for that upthread, it only takes a few mouse clicks, any backups created that way maybe imported into any profile BUT remember in doing so it overwrites any existing bookmarks.

In addition to separation by OS account you could consider having your own "work" and "none-work" profiles, they would then have separate sets of bookmarks, and separate internal Firefox generated backups within each profile.

As for the deletions there are

  • an option to delete settings when uninstalling,
    you should probably never use that
    remember it removes information from all installed versions of Firefox
  • an option to delete profile from the profile manager window,
    I would not even use that, certainly not until everything is carefully backed up and working. Deletions are impossible (without luck and speedy action with appropriate recovery software) to reverse.
    • Just rename it using the profile manager pop-up window; to whatever the current name preceded by unused;
      (and even that causes a complication, because the profile name changes, but the path and folder name do not, note Firefox profile manager, when naming the folder puts a few random characters in front of it.)
    • Better still just set profile manager to always open the new profile, and ignore the old one, or set the shortcut to open only the new profile.
    • or have two new shortcuts and two new profiles, work &, none work; each shortcut using its own profile. Just leave the third old profile where it is and nothing using it.
      (Unless you decide to investigate the old problem, or use old settings or bookmarks you suddenly find you need)
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