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I was downloading songs to put in my windows music mgr. and none of them went there they are stuck in your site.I am not computer savy and i already paid for the songs and I can't download them to my mp3 player. I was on the phone for an hour with emusic and they couldn't figure out the problem.I am very frustrated with your browser,I was told it was better than aol but I don't think so. I want my music or my money back.

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If you open your download manager (Ctrl+j) are the songs listed there? If so, right-click one of them and choose Open Containing Folder.

If they are not listed there, then I'm not sure where they were saved. I see you have an eMusic plugin. Can you find any options for the plugin that specify the location of its download folder?

Incidentally, most people here are volunteers not affiliated with Mozilla. However, I think I can say with a high level of confidence that your music files are not on Mozilla's servers. There is no way for you or eMusic to upload files to those servers without privileged access.