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I opened Google Chat in a tab and pinned it as an App Tab, but the App Tab does not "glow" when new message arrives in Google Chat.

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I am running Firefox 4.0.

I opened this page for Google Talk (http://talkgadget.google.com/talkgadget/client), signed in, and initiated a chat with one of my contacts.

Then, I pinned the tab (containing the above chat page) as an App Tab.

According to the documentation for Firefox 4, when the contents of an App Tab's page is changed, the corresponding tab is highlighted.

However, when a new chat message arrives in the Google Talk page (that corresponds to the pinned App Tab), the tab is not highlighted.

App Tab highlighting works for Gmail, and other web pages (i.e., when other web pages are pinned as App Tabs the corresponding tab is highlighted when the contents of the page changes), but App Tab highlighting does not work for the Google Talk page. Is this a bug in Firefox 4?

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yea , i think it's a bug in FireFox 4 .

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App Tabs only glow if the tab title changes, so it sounds that that isn't happening if new mail arrives.

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Thanks for the quick replies.

@cor-el: I think you are correct ... App Tabs do not glow when the content of the page changes (which would result in the tab "glowing" when a new Google Talk message arrived) ... but App Tabs only glow when the tab title changes.

I thought about writing a java script (to be used with greasemonkey) to change the tab title when a new message arrives in the Google Talk page .... but the Google Talk page looks like it's Adobe Flash.

I know that there is a "beep" when a chat message arrives, but I wanted some kind of visual notification (like the glowing App Tab) when a message arrives (because my computer is playing music and I don't hear the "beep" when a message arrives).

Any suggestions for getting a visual notification when new Google Talk chat message arrives?

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I found a work-around .... the desktop Google Talk application.

It has an option to display a pop-up when a chat message arrives.

I would have preferred to find a way to run Google Talk in a Firefox App Tab and to make the App Tab "glow" when a chat message arrives .... but a simple solution to that problem is not evident (because Google does not change the tab's title when a message arrives, and App Tabs only "glows" when the tab title changes).

Google Talk (running in a browser) will display a pop-up .... but only if one is using Google's browser. I'm not willing to switch from FF to Chrome just for that feature .... I'll run the desktop Google Talk app instead.