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I have slow page load times in Firefox, despite good internet speed.

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Despite having a good internet speed, my webpages load extremely slowly when I try to move between websites. This problem does not exist on other computers that are using the same wireless network in my building. On webpages like YouTube, once the page has eventually loaded, streaming videos happens at a normal speed.

In addition to the problems with Firefox, my computer can't get certain programs that require internet online, like Spotify or Steam.

I am worried that I may have some form of virus or malware that's causing these issues.

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Go to Plugins Check and update the necessary plugins. You're running old versions of Flash and Java and these may detrimentally influence the way your PC runs those applications.

You might want to consider updating to Firefox 4 too because Youtube is converting its whole dbase to run videos in HTML5. The latter is not supported in the version you have installed now which is 3.6.16.

If you do decide to upgrade to 4.0, you can do it via the 'Help | Check For Updates menu.

Also, signup to Youtube's HTML5 Trial so that you can run videos in that mode rather than Flash. You don't have to fill in any forms or anything; it's just a matter of clicking the link at the foot of the page.

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Well.... i have this problem too.... since the update to FF 4! I really wish i didnt because now it is so anoying slow... i can not use the program anymore... I am sad about is... because i LOVE FF...

The smiley actions appear in slow motion and when i update a page... it takes ages to save. I think this is a pitty because now i have to use a other progam to work on the site aswell i hae to recommend other programs now to the members (4600 users and growing) I like FF bery much... so i hope this will resolve soon.

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@lefemme, could you please start your own thread because the Mozilla site records your plugins and operating system.

Without that info, it will be difficult to help you because you might have Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, MAC OS, Linux, Ubuntu or some other OS.