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Importing browsing history from Chrome

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When I read message boards (Reddit), the posts that I have already clicked on turn purple. Later I can come back and see at a glance which posts I have read and which ones are new to me.

I am used to using Chrome for this, but lately I have been experimenting with Firefox. When I went back to the message boards using Chrome I noticed that the previously clicked on posts were not purple (because I had viewed them in Firefox).

No worries! In Chrome I can click on the wrench, options, personal stuff, import data from another browser. I just choose Firefox from the drop down menu and instantly my click-on history is caught up.

Firefox on the other hand does not seem to have this feature. When I click on "file" in the menu and import it only gives me the option to import from Internet Explorer.

To be clear - I do not care about importing/exporting bookmarks. I already have the same bookmarks on Chrome and Firefox. I do look at several message boards and it is a big inconvenience for me to have to click on links that I have already seen, just to turn them purple, so I will be able to more easily recognize the links that I haven't clicked on yet.

Even though I would like to start using Firefox more, I find that I am "forced" to return to Chrome because it is so much easier to read message boards that remember what I have clicked on.

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I looked it up and there is no solution. Firefox can only import history from Explorer, not Chrome.

Just one of the many reasons why Chrome is more useful to me than Firefox. I gave Firefox a chance (everyone says it is better), but half the times I start doing something in Firefox I end up giving up and going to Chrome.

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Hey !

Actually you can use the Xmarks Sync extension to backup your Bookmarks, Browsing History and even your Passwords..

If you want to import your Browsing History from Chrome to Firefox...


1- Install the Xmarks add-on "extension" to your Chrome Browser.

2- Create an account on xmarks " it backups your date with SSL certificate on their secured server " .

3- Select to backup your browsing history " also you can backup anything as I mentioned above" ...

4-Install Xmarks Add-on to your Firefox Browser .

5- Login with the account you just created .

6- Select to synchronize your data with the date stored on the server.

7- that's it....

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I tried Xmarks but it only imported my bookmarks, not my history.

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As on Feb 4 2012, I understood it is impossible to import search History from Chrome to Firefox vers 10!!

There are silly methods like exporting web pages of partial History from Chrome Or Dangerous ones like going through a host which downloads all your settings INCLUDING passwords: VERY VERY dangerous! ... and without any result: see previous post.

I think I will stick to Chrome, even recognizing the many limits, otherwise search history will be gone. The best feature of Chrome being you can kill a web page freezing your cpu.

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Firefox 11 will have an import wizard that supports importing cookies, history, and bookmarks

  • Bug 505192 – Chrome profile migration for Import Wizard and Migration Assistant - cookies, history, and bookmarks

See also:

  • bug 589589 - Chrome profile migration for Import Wizard and Migration Assistant - passwords, form data, and settings

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