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Firefox will not play youtube videos, the video will be a black space and will not work, but IE will

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I go to YouTube to play a video and it does not work, there is just a black space where the video would be, but Internet Explore will play the video, i really like FireFox, but i need for this to work and be dependable if not im gonna have to switch back to IE

i also tried this on another computer and had the same problem with Firefox

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To be fair to Mozilla, I don't think this problem is their fault, the fault should fall on Adobe. This issue only affects those who have updated to the latest Flash, with Vista or Windows 7, but not XP. If it's Mozilla's fault, it should affect all OS. I am using Windows XP SP3 with Adobe Flash 11.3.300.257 and have no problem whatsoever, the same for many other XP users. Adobe should be the one who is responsible to release a patch to fix this problem, not Mozilla.

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