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Update to Beta 11 wiped out my profile and bookmarks for both Beta AND 3.6. No backups of bookmarks etc. Is there a way to recover the bookmarks if no sign of the old profile?

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My husband updated my Firefox from Beta 9 to 11, and the result was profile gone, no bookmarks or extensions. This update affected both my 3.6 AND my Beta 11 Firefox, even though he only updated the Beta. Is there any way to recover the profile and bookmarks? There is no sign of the Profile I had prior, and no bookmark backups in html or sqlite filetype. I even used harddrive recovery software to search. I only searched the User profile... could it be elsewhere?

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If your husband uninstalled the previous beta and removed personal data then that has removed all Firefox profiles (3 and 4). If you do not have a backup then your only hope is an Undelete utility like Recuva to restore the JSON backups.