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In my firefor options window I have two zipped folders one allows me to brows and see what is inside the other does not give me this option. how can I see what is inside please?

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I have had MyWebSearch install itself as my primary browser....I have needed to reset Firefox in safe mode but I am not sure that the changes have actually been done! In Options in the Options menu the window displays all the add on's and features that are on Firefox....I have two zipped folders here One allows me to see inside the other does not. How do I access this one that does not give me the option to as I want to know what is inside...as this "MyWebSearch has been an enormous hassle...and needless to say has compromised my PC and the security of all of my passwords.....I want to be sure that the resetting the browser default has actually worked and that MyWebSearch is gone!

Regards Coco

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Are you talking about MyWebSearch toolbar (http://help.mywebsearch.com/sbar2.html#q1) which offers apps such as Smiley Central, Cursor Mania??? If yes, uninstallation instructions are here - (http://help.mywebsearch.com/sbar2.html#q4). Could you provide me some details about the ZIP folders. If I get a screenshot, I can help you very well.