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how to export options settings (transfer to Firefox on another PC/OS)

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I have Firefox set up on my old XP machine. I now want to set up Firefox on my new Windows 7 machine. I can easily export my bookmarks to transfer to my new machine.

I cannot find any way to export my Options settings. In particular I need to export my lists of "Exceptions" to Cookie / Image / Pop Up Rules. However it would also be nice to Export the other settings such as homepage. I want to set up three accounts on the new machine and it will be very tedious if I must re-enter all the information - especially as it is not possible even to cut-and-paste the text from the Exceptions lists.

Is there any tool for me to save all the Options from one installation and then load then into another?

I knew which files and/or registry keys to copy it would help as I would not have a problem making appropriate registry changes if it would save me from having to go via the Options menus.

Surely there is some method to do this?

Regards. Steve

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more options

May thanks for your reply.

Following some of the links I found this page "Backing up your information", which gives details of the profile file locations.


It would be nice to have a full list of which files do which function.

I note that the article "Recovering important data from an old profile" specifically avoids mentioning the files which store the Options information (as these settings are often responsible for user problems, and this article is aimed at users who have functional problems, not users who are trying to migrate their working settings).


It would be nice to have an article specifically written for users who wish to migrate their settings, with a list of which files contain which information.

In my case I really only need to export the "Exceptions" lists for Cookies / Images / PopUps. The add-ins etc. can be reinstalled without too much trouble.