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Can multiple accounts for the same vendor be bookmarked?

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I have home and office accounts for certain vendors (utilities, etc) and have tried bookmarking them under "On Line Accounts." However, I am not able to do so. When I enter one for home with, say, dteenergy.com (same problem with others like AT&T), that account works fine. When I try to enter the dteenergy account information for home, that works fine. However, when the second account is entered it replaces the first account.

I have not tried it, but I could try creating a second on line account, and will do so after I finish this inquiry. However, I had hoped to get everything into a single folder on the bookmark bar.

Thank you.

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There are many ways of saving a bookmark, most don't permit the same exact page to be saved as a bookmark more than once - that's a feature in Firefox 3+ versions. If you "drag" the web site image (known as the Favicon) from the Location bar or from a Tab into your bookmarks, you can get around that "feature". You can "drag&drop" the Favicon into the Bookmarks Toolbar (can be tricky at times), or to the Bookmarks menu item on the Menu bar - the drop-down will open, or into the Bookmarks Sidebar (the method I use) - {Ctrl + B} to open the Bookmarks Sidebar

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Thank you Mr. The-edmeister. That is very helpful.

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You're welcome.