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When I try to open Firefox, I get an error message that says "Firefox is currently in offline mode and can't browse the web." How to I return to online mode?

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I am unable to connect to the internet through Firefox. Whenever I try, I get the message indicated above. I AM able to connect with Safari, so it doesn't seem to be a general connection problem.

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See File > Work Offline.

You may have to toggle that setting more than once.

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Thanks so much for your help. We're kind of technically-challenged, and had no idea there was even such a setting, let alone how it got checked....


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Although possibly not related to your problem, I have to remind you that the version of Firefox you are using at the moment has been discontinued and is no longer supported. On top of this, it has known unpatched bugs and security problems. I urge you to update to the latest version of Firefox, for maximum security, stability, performance and usability. You can get it for free, as always, at getfirefox.com.

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Firefox finds my home page. When I go somewhere else, I get to offline message. I go and uncheck "Work Offline", but it still does not work. Firefox no longer works for me and I had to go back to Internet Explorer.