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How can I archive or save my history

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I'd like to clear my history so it doesn't load every time I open Firefox, but I want to archive it first (or export it, or save it, whatever you'd call this). That way I can load it if necessary. Is there a way to do this?

I don't mind if a new, shorter history starts accumulating, but I want to be able to go back to last year, if necessary. My history is pretty massive and it's definitely slowing down FF.

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The browser history is stored in a database file, places. sqlite, and can be managed by browser add-ons or perhaps by general tools for working with SQLite databases. So you may find ways to export the data to a readable format. But I'm not sure how you would ever restore it...

As an interim measure, make backups of your profile folder so you could copy an older places.sqlite over a newer one. See Backing up your information for more information.

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You can copy and paste history items to a bookmarks folder and export them that way to an HTML file in the Library.