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Double Clicking Tab Scroll button

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Well, it's not really that big of a problem, but I guess I've finally decided to try and solve this. I've spent some time skimming through the links I got from the Help section, Google, and 'About:Config'.

But most of that ends up on something unrelated--moving on though, my problem is simple: I really hate it when I double click the 'Scroll buttons' (What are these called anyway?) (the buttons next to the tabs on the far left and far right side in the tab-bar) it scrolls over an entire page instead of, as in the old days, would just scroll over two tabs.

Some people may like this, but it's not my thing. Anyway, I hope I was articulate enough that my problem is clear.

Summary: I really dislike the fact that when the 'tab-scroll-button' is double clicked it scrolls a page, rather than just two tabs.

Truly and Fishily yours, Fish Kiler

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