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Why does the add on disappear when I re-open Firefox after the initial installation?

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I have installed the latest version of Firefox without difficulty. I wish to have the add-on 'greasemonkey' to help run a script on a messageboard site. Recently, I opened Firefox and the add-on icon was not present in the bottom right of the screen, and I could not use the script on the messageboard. I have tried downloading the add-on again but it will not show on Firefox home page. The only way I can get the add-on is to uninstall F/f completely, download it again and then download the add-on. This works for only the current session. When I restart F/f another time the add-on has disappeared.

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I have installed several add-ons (WOT, Wired-Marker, PlainOldFavorites and more...) but the programs aren't there. It's listed in the Add-ons Manager but can't be found anywhere else..... Every once in a while when I log on to FF there they are (the icons, but not all of them but a few) but dis-appear when I log off. It's annoying because my Key Scrambler will for work for awhile and then poof gone. It's been like this since I started using FF @ 4 months ago. I don't want to go back to IE but ......

Thanks, DoraLorraine

Pleas Help..... Don't make me go back Pleaseeeeeeeee...