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I (A blind user) need voiceover support for mozilla thunderbird. when will it be done?

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Gentlemen, I recently lost what was left of my eyesight and can no longer function in large print mode. I have attempted to get mac's VoiceOver to work with your thunderbird app, but to no avail. it will not read my active mail pane. I do not have the time or patience to want to dump a perfectly good product otherwise and migrate my mail to apples mail app (which has less features). I need to know WHEN VoiceOver support will be operational. I can't function without my mail.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

I first started using VoiceOver.

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Hello Eric.

I believe the best thing is to file a feature request at bugzilla. Here's a handy link to file a bug for thunderbird (bugs include feature requests, so don't let the terminology fool you):


I'm not sure how easy it is to handle it without visual output (or input, from the user's perspective), so I will do that for you, if you give enough information for me to know what I'm requesting (I'm not familiar with accessibility software).

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I am having to use safari to access even here. mozilla firefox and its mail application thunderbird are not en tirely compatible with OS X VoiceOVer. most of the menus get read, but the text windows I am interested in (in t-bird) remain unspoken. I'll his the feature request site.

            • public notice to apple and mozilla ********

btw, mozilla needs to get off their collective butts and quit worrying about apples developer license. all they need to do is contact apple, and arrange for source access. enough of the pointing fingers people, I am a customer of both of you and I am waiting for help!

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You are "singing to the choir" when you post here, we're all users who volunteer our time to help other Firefox users. You can provide feedback to Mozilla here: http://hendrix.mozilla.org/

See this website: http://www.accessfirefox.org/ Ken Saunders has been working on Firefox accessibility issues with Mozilla products for 5 years.