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Why are there dozens of old numbered versions of bookmarks-xx.html in my profile folder?

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My profile folder has more than five dozen old bookmark files, each with a different suffix number. These files have modified dates going back to 2006. Do I need these or are they safe to delete?

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Hello Junee.

You can delete those files. Only bookmarks.html is used. The rest is probably backups and so on. Keep them if you want them. Otherwise, they're not necessary. You may want to keep them in the paper bin (or whatever it's called on Mac) for safety's sake, but they're not necessary.

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Morbus, from what I've read, bookmarks.html is no longer used in Firefox 3+. Instead the bookmarks are stored in 'places.sqlite'. I have been puzzled in my searches for the old bookmarks.html and it was only yesterday I learned that it is deprecated. But thanks for your response. I didn't know if the bookmarks backup system might be using those old numbered files. I'll toss them now. Thanks again.

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Yes, bookmarks.html is no longer used by current Firefox versions. The presence of multiple files indicates that you had a problem with files being locked by an indexing program like Spotlight.

See also http://kb.mozillazine.org/Multiple_profile_files_created