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The refresh and stop loading buttons dont show up on firefox toolbar

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The toolbar at the top of Firefox shows the forward/backward button, refresh button, and stop button, but all are dark gray and I can't click any of them. Its frustrating because a lot of websites I visit are updated often and a simple click of the refresh button keeps me up to date, but its not possible now.

This happened

Not sure how often

== I turned on my computer today.

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I would assume that this is a problem for the later 3.xx.xx and 4 release levels.

In the 3 level I had to add the buttons back to the navigation tool bar. You can do this by selecting "View" then "toolbars" and finally "Customize". Find the button you want and drag it to the toolbar location where you want it.

In release 4 I could not find the buttons on the "Customize" panel. I made them appear by changing the options for the toolbar. I first selected a different "Show:" option at the bottom of the panel and saved it. Then the buttons appeared. Then when I went back and changed it again the buttons did not go away.

Hope this helps.