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I run Mac OX 10.3.9 and wish to upgarde my Firefox

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I run Mac OX 10.3.9. Windows has advised upgrading my Firefox version I cannot upgrade to Firefox 3.6 because my system does not allow it. I cannot send emails at the moment until I upgrade. What can I do?

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Firefox is the last version that runs on OS X 10.3.9, does the email work with Safari? If so you could use that for the email.

If you do not want to use Safari, you could try an alternative browser such as iCab 4.8 or Opera 9.64 (Opera 10 require OS X 10.4 or above)

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I have tried the other browsers you suggested and they do not support OSX 10.3.9. Safari has never worked for me.

I'm very unhappy as I cannot send emails at all although I can receive them. Please help. There must be other Mac users out there who are using the same system as mine...and no, I cannot upgade to 10.4 as that would mean I would have to upgrade all the programmes I run and I simply can't afford to!

This is a very frustrating situation which has been caused by Windows. Please help.

Kind regards

Linda Adlmann