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How can I get to my "lost" bookmarks in less than 5 minutes?

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Firefox upgraded my system without my permission. Now the last bookmark, with my most recent searches, is missing. I don't have hours and hours to go through hundreds of articles looking for the "secret" to where you hid them. Put them back and leave my system alone.

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Are you dealing from a full deck? You posted here with a version of Firefox that was last "updated" almost two years ago.

See this article. Hope you're a speed reader and a whiz at comprehension, 'cause 5 minutes is a tough demand to meet - LOL. https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Lost+Bookmarks

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Well, probably not. At my age a few cards may have been lost along the way! Anyway thanks for your time and trouble. One question? What's two years if the system is working just fine?


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For one thing, Firefox 3.6 has a new feature where the Profile folder can be opened thru a new Menu item called Troubleshooting Information, which is located in the Help menu. That feature makes it a lot easier to get to where your personal data like Bookmarks are stored. For another, there have been a lot of stability fixes since 3.0.3 which lessen the chance of losing your bookmarks to begin with.

I lost a few myself over the last 6 decades, and many of those that are left are pretty dog-eared, but I started with a Canasta deck.