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I don't have the X button on my client of Firefox.

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I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this, but there is no buttons to minimize, maximize or close. I have to do these using things like Aero Snap. This doesn't happen on Firefox 3.6.8

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== I downloaded Firefox 4

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Are you using a Persona? Does that happen if the Default theme is selected?

Did you create a new Profile to use with the 4.0 betas? You should have a new Profile for testing purposes.

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You can also make the Menu Bar visible all the time. Click the Firefox button > Customize > Menu Bar

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I see this behaviour in all the Persona themes I've tried.

Only the "Default 4.0b3pre" theme has the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons visible.

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Enabling the default theme worked! Thanks for the suggestion the-edmeister. It's too plain, but it will have to do until this issue is fixed.

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I use Vista Home and have the same problem. I use two screens and need to "Minimize" before dragging between screens.

Ticking the "Menu bar" option brings them back. If I then "Minimize" and un-tick the "Menu Bar" option, the browser snaps to the top of the screen (still minimized) but I am unable to grab the Title bar to drag the browser.

In my view this is a serious fault in Firefox 4

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thanx cor-el that worked now i dont have to worry