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Why aren't user styles in the Add on menu?

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Where is Stylish and the user styles? Don't show in the Add ons Tab.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== With FF 4 Beta

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Doesn't look like Stylish has been updated for 4.0b2 just yet. Works with - Firefox 3.0 - 3.7a4pre


... unless there is a development version available elsewhere.

Did it work in 4.0b1?

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Didn't work in Beta 1 either! There is an update posted but still doesn't work.

Stylish 1.0.11 已出来了,可以用于 4.0b2。 http://userstyles.org/apps/Stylish-1.0.11.xpi


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I found Stylish version 0.5.9 and I'm using in Firefox 4.0b3pre.


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Went back to FF 3.6.8 until FF 4 is Final! The Beta is nice, with the Tabs on top, but still not ready for Prime Time! Had to change too many add ons, updating the max. versions and that was too time consuming!