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Firefox screws MAC users AGAIN on PayPal no multi order

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Once again a Firefox update has cut off MAC users from using PayPal multi order shipping. No notice, no fix, how do you manage to screw up the largest site connected to Ebay ? Now I have to use USPS.com because YOU didn't check your update before TRELLING us to install it. SLOPPY WORK!!!!!!

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Are you dealing from a full deck?

You're using a 3 year old version of Firefox that hasn't been supported in a year and half - what update are you talking about?

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3.6.8 is the current version according to your website Mr. edmeister.

I have been sitting here for 45 minutes trying to load paypal multi order shipping on 3.6.8 and it WILL NOT LOAD.

I called PayPal and they said it is a known failure in the newest version of Firefox and they cannot do anything about it.

So rather than picking on me why don't YOU FIX IT!