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Four attempts to ugrade to 3.6.8 resulted in immediate loss of all internet access

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I tried upgrading to 3.6.8 and IMMEDIATELY following the upgrade all internet access was lost for all programs. This happened 4 times in a row with no variation at all. Lan access was unaffected. Pages would not load, error message was that they timed out. When I back down to 3.5.4 the internet access IMMEDIATELY returns for all programs.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== immediately following upgrade to 3.6.8

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That is an indication that a firewall is blocking access to the new version of Firefox. See Fix problems connecting to websites after updating Firefox.

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This is some additional info - It is not just Firefox that can't access the internet after upgrade. Internet access is lost for every program. The only firewall on the machine is the windows firewall and the problem occurs with the firewall off as well. Firefox is on the firewall's list of allowable programs. The only way to restore access is to back out of the firefox upgrade.