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Would it be wise to download v3.6.3 and downgrade? (plugin-container.exe issue)

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Due to Firefox loading plugin-container.exe and taking up to 40% more resources (in version 3.6.4), would it be wise to download v. 3.6.3 here: http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/3.6.3/win32/en-US/ and downgrade? if so, would i need to completely uninstall 3.6.4 first? thx

== Upgrading to version 3.6.4

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plugin-container.exe was a bad thing to add to Firefox. I had to disable it because it would use all of my ram and cause the adobe flash to crash on certain web sites. What happens before the crash is this. Firefox starts working too slowly because plugin-container.exe had taken all the ram leaving Firefox with nothing. That 2GB of ram. I would rather take a chance on Firefox crashing than not to be able enjoy to go to certain web sites.

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Well never mind 3.6.4, I'm on 3.6.6 now and plugin-container.exe is still hogging my CPU (XP SP3) to such an extent that the browser is unusable, which is why I'm writing this using Google Chrome.

Firefox is losing the plot. Every update we're told Firefox is getting better and better, but it isn't - not in practical terms as a good way to view websites. It's just getting more bloated and buggy. There's no point being 'secure' if you can't view websites with it.

This plugin-container problem clearly can't be solved by changing some magic setting. The version is just faulty - it doesn't work. That is a fact and there's no point pretending otherwise.

I greatly appreciate the efforts of many people to try and suggest a fix to the plugin-container problem but guys, just accept it, this version does not work. No point fiddling and upsetting who knows what else.

It's a browser. It either works or it doesn't. Right now it doesn't.

Back to 3.6.3 for me, and Chrome.

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On reflection and in a calmer mood I tried the method of disabling crash protection suggested by rjohnson19 earlier in this thread (here: https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/forum/1/706123#threadId706192)

That has solved the CPU hogging problem. Many thanks for the workaround!

Countless thousands of 'ordinary users', meanwhile, will be tearing their hair out until Firefox stops alpha testing with end users.

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I didn't even notice how much power the plugin container was sucking until I put my laptop on my lap and burned my legs from the overheat!! owtch d*mmit. Sure enough, task manager showed firefox plugin container to be the culprit. YouTube would be the site I was on, yes all my add-ons are up to date. I immediately rolled back to 3.6.4

Maybe when my lap and my laptop cool off, I'll try the "shut off" fix mentioned above.

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Thank you, rjohnson19! You can happily and safely use 3.6.6 if you follow the "work around" stated two posts above to disable the plugin container.

original post (https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/forum/1/706123#threadId706192)

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Plugin-container.exe is supposed to prevent Firefox crashing? Well, dear lads from Firefox development center - let me tell you this: I haven't had no problems with Firefox at all until you decided to introduce this ******* piece of garbage software called plugin-container. Ever since I upgraded my Firefox to that **** version, my FF crashes about a dozen times per day when I visit Flash sites such as Youtube. I don't know what you've done during beta testing. Were you asleep?

Also, will you ever fix that memory leak problem? Why the hell does Firefox need almost 200 Megabyte of ram after a fresh start with only one tab open? And with plugin-container crap it got even worse, because this **** exe doesn't release the memory anymore even if a page that used Flash has been closed for minutes already. The plugin-container shit just swallows ram like a pizza monster and on top of that sucks up 60% of my CPU even if there's only a tiny Flash ad.

Please, remove this nonsense from Firefox. At the moment, I see myself forced to switch to Opera, although I really hate that Norwegian closed sourced garbage.

edited by a moderator - eh https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Forum+and+chat+rules+and+guidelines
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How to get rid of this garbage:

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Back to IE for me!!

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I had the same problem on WinXP SP3 FF 3.6.6, starting with safe mode, then enabling only flash. Google Voice page crashed consistently shortly after login. Same result on some other Flash-based pages.

Using the fix above & setting all dom.ipc.plugins.* to false fixed.

I'm really, really surprised that this hasn't been rolled back or patched; many folks I've encouraged to use FF & keep it up to date have been experiencing all kinds of grief & are switching to Chrome or even IE8.

I have such an investment in the way I use FF and have it customized, I have put up with it, but this kind of blind & uncommunicated bug has made me decide to work with a different browser for a while until FF gets this kind of release problem sorted out, despite the disadvantages of losing much of my customized browsing experience.


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Hi Paul Mc.: Flash crashing is unrelated to this thread, which is (for the most part) about high CPU from plugin-container.exe.

I suggest you post a new thread with your plugin crash reports from about:crashes in the location bar.

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FF used to be so nice....even opera ..now both are not functioning well...:(

Clearly your problem is with Flash, as both Firefox and Opera use the Plugin version of Flash. Adobe happened to release an updated version of Flash the day after Firefox 3.6.3 was released. moderator - eh
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windows 7 APP CRASH when having Adobe shockwave flash enabled. The version of shockwave shows as However, a second version appears in the same shockwave box, it's 10.1.r53. I have no idea the meaning of the second set of software numbers. Anyway, I can use my PC, without crashing, when I disable shockwave flash. I've yet to see what functions I'm going to lose.

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same problem

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Thank you SO MUCH for suggesting this fix, it has worked perfectly for me. I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out what was wrong, thinking I had spyware. Then I realized it was Firefox, and I was about to roll back to 3.6.3 before I found this.

For the record, I'm using the latest version of Flash. All addons disabled besides Flash = constant slowdown. All addons enabled besides Flash = A-Ok. Ironically, I've never experienced a browser crash with Flash before this "fix", so thanks for fixing what wasn't broken.

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I have 3.6.6. I'm on Windows 7, 64-bit. Used a fix that I found on another FF site. Went to Programs (X86), opened the Mozilla FF folder. Scanned down to Firefox. Right clicked and opened properties. Once in properties, I opened "compatibility". At the bottom of the page, I clicked on "change settings for all users". A new window opened and I then clicked "run this program in compatibility mode for windows 2000. After closing, I went to remove programs and deleted shockwave. Finally, I went to the Mozilla site to re-download Shockwave. Use their site as it downloads a different version of Shockwave (slim.exe).

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Sorry, I'm back to the disable, enable function. Changing the plug-in in the program seemed to do some good but, I'm sad to say, it didn't completely fix this thing. After happily browsing around, I got hit with it just moments ago. Geez, I'm starting to think, along with others, that the masters of Mozilla, have a real problem. At least the disable/enable process works. It's cumbersome though.

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@the-edmeister THANKS for the cure. I disabled plugincontainer.exe as per your link (Page 3 of this thread) and the problem went away. This makes me believe even more that it was plugincontainer that is causing the crashes as I am using the SAME version of flash on the same web sites that used to lock up FF and max out one of my processors. For me FF has arisen from the flames once again..

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@rjohnson19 Thanks, this fixed the problem for me in 3.6.6

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I apologize. Reread the posts and found this was not for Flash failures (thanks to Rassilon). I've since reset the delay time as recommended on page 1. We'll see if that cures problem. Future posts will be on Flash crashes page. Thanks.

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