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3.6.4. Browser won't start - Process runs, no window

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After upgrading to 3.6.4 the browser will not open. The process starts, but a window never appears.

Firefox will not open in Safe Mode. Profile Manager will not open.

Have performed a complete uninstall/reinstall, removing both the program files\mozilla folder and the mozilla folder in %appdata% before reinstalling.

Uninstalled all security software (MS Essentials, Outpost) and attempted reinstalling with no security software installed at all.

Have installed other builds, including Minefield and Namoroka. No 32 bit builds 3.6.4 or later will open on my system. The problem does not exist with 64 bit builds.

I have reverted to 3.6.3 but do not want to be stuck on this version forever.

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But I thought the safe mode was supposed to be without addons and plugins? To check exactly for that kind of problems.

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@FatBaron re: safemode, yep, that's what is WAS for but it didnt work for me hence, uninstall, get the stable 3.6.3 version... and onward!


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How exactly did you deinstall all thos plugins?

Did you just deactivate them? Becaus I can't find uninstall routines for all of them.

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@FatBaron, Inside FF, click Tools>Add-Ons. Each add-on in your list should have both a button to uninstall and a button to disable.

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Well the addons of course. I thought you were talking about the plugins, too. Because they can only be deactivated through FF.

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If a browser plugin conforms to windows interface guidelines, you can uninstall it from your windows control panel. This may not be the case for all plugins, however, in which case you need to contact their authors to know how to uninstall them.

You can, however, deactivate them in Firefox by going into Tools > Add-ons > Plugins. That is enough to prevent them from working at all.

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Also, I remind you all that plugins are also add-ons. Add-ons are extensions, themes and plugins. Plugins are add-ons. Themes are add-ons. Extensions are add-ons. When you say "add-ons", you're talking about the whole of extensions, themes and plugins together.

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I have 2 users with this issue now. Wouldn't be surprised to see more and more as people update from 3.6.3.

There is a bug in on this, #574085, seems to be specific to OS X, but this problem is not.

It seems to be a problem with plugins/extensions/addons, but my users have many of the same plugins/extensions/addons. They are paid for other things, not to troubleshoot Firefox. I can't use one of their machines because they are busy doing their jobs.

FF developers need to fix this. Sounds like safe mode doesn't work right, multiple plugins have/cause issues. It's probably related to the work done creating the plugin-manager sandbox.

If this doesn't get fixed soon, we'll probably be switching to Chrome, and who knows if we'll ever be back!

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You speak my mind.

"They are paid for other things, not to troubleshoot Firefox."

I really don't have the time for this. I will stick with 3.6.3 for the time being.

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Firefox 3.6.3 is not recommended, since it doesn't include the latest security fixes. If you want a version of Firefox that doesn't have plugin isolation, please use Firefox 3.5.10.

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With 3.6.3 installed and running: About:plugins returns no plugins are installed. No add-ons are listed in Tools>Add-ons.

Update is run to upgrade to 3.6.4. Process starts, no window appears.

Same thing occurs when upgrading to 3.6.6.

Morbus - do you still believe this is a plug-in/add-on issue? Also, please explain how 3.5.1 has later fixes than 3.6.3. I would think it would be the opposite. (Just curious here, I appreciate your help)

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do you know if FF is working on a solution to this?

sure would be nice to know if they intend look into this or if "contacting the addon creators" is FF official remedy to the problem.

I've switched the non-developers in the office to Chrome already. And will keep watching this thread if a fix is "in the works" otherwise... welp... I will unsubscribe.

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Same issue here - have had to install Opera (which is very nice by the way, but no plugins)

Clean install of 3.6.6 - process runs, nothing happens. Then clean install of 3.6.3 - Same issue!

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@lori According to this post, FF is aware of the issue but has no solution.


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@ Stan I never believe in anything to begin with. Thank you for replying and clearing that up.

Also, that 3.5 comment was meant for FatBaron. I'm sorry for not being clearer.

Stan, please try creating a new (temporary) Firefox profile: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Managing+profiles If you can't do it in 3.6.6 (hopefully you can?), can you please try it with 3.6.3 and then update to 3.6.6? Hopefully, whether the new profile works with 3.6.6 or not will help us know what's going on.

@ Lori I don't even know what the problem is, let alone know if anyone is working on it. I'm sorry, Lori, but I need to understand what's going on before I know what advice I can give. It's conceivable that the plugin-container.exe (introduced in 3.6.4) is causing some chaotic reaction in Stans workstation, but we won't know until we diagnose the problem.

"Contact the add-on developer" is only the solution for problems that originate from add-ons. This doesn't seem to be the case.

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appologies. I thought you were working FOR the FF folks and had some connection with them. my mistake.

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@Stan thanks! you are sleuth!

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Plenty of people make that assumption, unfortunately. Though don't worry about that Lori. I'm used to it and I try to make it clear what Firefox Support is when such assumptions become obvious or a problem :)

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Running 3.6.3, I set the Profile Manager to open on startup. Created a new profile. Restarted FF, choosing to run under the new profile. Upgraded to 3.6.6 by choosing Help>Check for Updates Update installed, but had the same issue. Firefox.exe starts, no window ever appears. This Profile Manager at startup also did not appear.

I ran the 3.6.3 installer over 3.6.6 and FF runs fine. It seems some fundamental change was introduced with 3.6.4 that will not run on my system. This is the same issue with any 32-bit build 3.6.4 or later. I have even tried the "experimental" builds and get the same behavior. I'm at a loss. I've spent hours on this already.

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Then it's a problem with Firefox itself, but since it's not common across all users, it must be triggered by something external. If you can please run your Windows in safe mode and try running Firefox in Windows safe mode (run Firefox as normal, not safe mode or anything), maybe that would tell us what kind of incompatibility it is.

I understand this is non-trivial help, but I really am at a loss for solutions here.

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