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What is plugin-container.exe?

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The extension plugin-container.exe wanted access to the internet. The file was located in my Mozzile folder, but I read somewhere that it is malware. Is this file supposed to be there, and is it normal for attempt to receive a connection? Is it safe?

This happened

Just once or twice

== After the most recent update just a few hours ago.

The extension plugin-container.exe wanted access to the internet. The file was located in my Mozzile folder, but I read somewhere that it is malware. Is this file supposed to be there, and is it normal for attempt to receive a connection? Is it safe? == This happened == Just once or twice == After the most recent update just a few hours ago.

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Go to the following link, click on "What's New in Firefox 3.6.4". The first 2 paragraphs is a brief explanation of what plugin-container.exe is designed to do. Right now, in Windows and Linux only, it isolates Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins from the main browser, so that if one of those plug-ins crashes, your whole browser does not crash. This was done due to the large number of crashes caused by plug-ins. Plans are to add more plug-ins in later updates to Firefox.


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Hello The Guy.

If you have a problem with Google Chrome, you need to contact Google, since they are the ones that develop it. Be mindful that the big amounts of RAM it uses up when browsing multiple tabs is not a bug, but rather a "feature" of Chrome. Also, be mindful that the impossibility of having many tabs in the same window is not a bug, but rather a "feature" of Chrome. Bear in mind, in addition, that the relatively poverty of add-ons for Google Chrome is not as much due to its age as it is to the impossibility of developing add-ons for it that are as rich as those for Firefox. Don't forget either that the fact that Chrome will send, by default, potentially private information to Google is not a bug, but rather a "feature" of Chrome. You may also end up finding the very same problems you found in Firefox, if those were due to careless usage of add-ons or an infected system. For any usability problems, you will need to contact Google directly, too.

Also, if you are using another browser out of spite or because you can't fix your problem with Firefox, I will remind you that Mozilla is a non-profit, public service organization, and, as such, doesn't have the same financial interests Google (or any other company developing a major web browser) does. Mozilla's objective is that you, the user, use the browser you want, be if Firefox or any other browser. If you want to use Firefox but can't, due to a problem, I'm glad to work with you the best I know and can to fix it. If you actually want to use another browser, then I'm happy that you finally found your "home", and my job is successfully done.

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My plugin-container.exe is almost always on since yesterday after I noticed my Comodo Firewall completely gone. It is on regardless whether i use adobe, flash, etc. or not.

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Jim, do a reality check. Restart Firefox. Plugin-container.exe loads when you load page with Siverlight, Adobe Flash, Quicktime. It don't unload till you close FF.

Comodo. Didi u chekc ur Program folder? Still there? Did you check your list of programs (Windows) Start > programs? Still there? Maybe ur system messed up?

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Jim, dude, I wrote in my previous post:

"COMODO folder under Program Files is now empty! "

It means there is 0% of Comodo Firewall remaining on my computer, not even a desktop icon. It's all gawn gone.

It's probably one of those porn malwares that gets loaded to one's PC once one watch'z porno videos and one of those videos blackens your screen and starts shaking it until you shut the whole dawn thing down and reboot it. Now it's my duty to find it and to fry it's buttocks back to the porn industry.

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Accidentally unsubscribed, now am resubscribing to dze notifications.

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plugin-container is using 50% of cpu and adobe crashes if i disable in task manager

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Jim (the last one), you sound like you are having problems with Adobe Flash. Does Firefox or plugin-container use big amounts of CPU/RAM when you run Firefox in safe mode with all add-ons disabled (don't forget to tick the box that says "disable add-ons" at the start of safe mode)?

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You know Morbus, saying that Chrome totally fails at opening multiple tabs (it does, I admit) is a useless argument when Firefox can fail to open one tab without crashing.

On a serious note, I have Adblock Plus, Fireshot, and the latest Java installed, and plugin-container.exe burns 10-25% of my CPU if I have any flash on the page. Running in safe mode does not make it any better, but actually ups it's consumption to 25-30% on the same page with flash on it

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Duodecimus, if you have a problem with Firefox, please read this post. I hope it helps you fix it. If it doesn't, please inform me of the results of the last point in the second list, so I can help you further (hopefully).

That CPU usage seems appropriate to me: that's just flash working. It's known to be heavy. You know you have a problem when that usage just gets stuck at 50% or 100% and your system starts behaving weirdly.

I will remind you, in addition, that when I ask users to start Firefox in safe mode to disable all add-ons temporary (for diagnostic purposes), I really mean to disable all add-ons. If my instructions are followed correctly, Flash shouldn't be enabled at all. If the issues persist, in this case, then it's a problem with Firefox. If, as soon as you enable Flash (or another specific add-on), problems arise, you know it's Flash (or that other specific add-on) that's causing it. I remind you all, again, that you need to contact the add-on's author for support, if it's causing problems.

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"My" plugin-container.exe does no consume so much memory, at least i have not noticed yet. I believe all our troubles are caused by U.S. Government and the Global Warming :-)

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Yes. Bear in mind that plugin-container.exe WILL consume memory and CPU cycles as needed by the plugin(s) that are running. If you are playing a Flash game, for example, or seeing a Silverlight video, plugin-container.exe will use CPU/RAM accordingly. It's when this CPU/RAM goes to inappropriate levels that you should start considering if you have a problem with a plugin, or with Firefox.

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1. My problem with Firefox is plugin-container.exe, and the apparent effects is has.

2. I dunno, I don't see why a single youtube video should now use 20% when I used to be able to run 10-20 at the same time. That says 'behaving weirdly' to me.

3. When I open my add-on menu right now, it says 'All add-ons have been disabled by safemode'. The CPU usage is still as I said in my last post.

With the number of new questions about this, I can't help but wonder if it's on your end.

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Nothing to do with paypal. I have used paypal today without a problem. I have uninstalled and installed various adobe programs and reinstalled firefox. The program freezes and crashes every time a flash program is run.

Please Firefox fix the problem or go the way of Internet Explorer...history.

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I updated to 3.6.4 a few minutes ago and the first time I loaded youtube my computer crashed.

I use the following add-ons: Adblock Plus Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper BetterPrivacy Image Zoom DownThemAll! Download Statusbar bug489729

And I'm also using the latest jre/flash/quicktime plugins.

I disabled all of the add-ons, and everything worked smoothly. When I enabled Adblock Plus (the only add-on I re-enabled), it lagged slightly, and you can see for yourself what happened in the attached screen shot (green stuff = censored personal information).

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@ Duodecimus No, it's not the same on my end. You say you have 20% CPU activity on plugin-container.exe, even in safe mode with all add-ons disabled? That shouldn't happen. Have you tried reinstalling Firefox? Maybe something went wrong on the update.

@ Todd N If you have a problem with a specific add-on (i.e., if, when you enable a specific add-on, you start having problems), you need to contact its author for support.

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I Disabled all add-on in safe mode and NOTHING Changed.

Anyways anyone have a link to a previous version of FF? If not i'll have to use chrome till we get an update on FF... /cry no more Dozen tab web browsing

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And how do i transfer all my Book Marks to Chrome anyway?

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By "I can't help but wonder if it's on your end." I meant Firefox 3.6.4 itself.

I will reinstall tho.

@John I think chrome asks you if you want to during the install process.

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Well, reinstalling did not change anything. Just thought you should know.

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@ John Can you please tell me what is wrong with Firefox, on your end? That was your first post, so I'm at a loss. What happens when you start Firefox in safe mode to disable all add-ons?

@ Duodecimus Can you show me a screenshot of the process explorer showing plugin-container.exe CPU usage? Preferably in safe mode, without flash enabled. This is just for diagnostic purposes.

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